Online Trading Contest on eToro

From April 4 to April 29

Each participant will receive a link sent to your e-mail with which you registered; this link gives you access to the competition. You will then be asked to create an account on eToro.

Every participant is trading under the same contest account conditions:
- Initial deposit : €100,000 (virtual fund)
- Access to the CFD

You will allow to practice on the platform from April 4 to 29 with a link sent to your e-mail with which you registered. 



The 20 best participants will be invited in Paris.

The ceremony is organized in two parts: First, you will be all gathered in the auditorium to present in front of all the participants and our partners a stock pitching analysis. A jury constituted by partners and the president of the association will deliberate to give us the winners. The theme of the investment pitching will be given later. Last year's theme was the ICT.

More informations

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